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MattRDMattRD Posts: 2
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
Apologies for yet another what bike post - looking to get into some basic mountain biking and have a voucher from the cycle plus scheme - looking £500 - £600, think I'm looking for a hard tail for this price but the two that seem to be recommended most on these boards are (i think) not accessible under the scheme as they are from halfords/ decathalon. The voucher I have can be cashed it at a variety of LBS , plus evans etc.

Looking at evans they seem to have a few in the right price range:

GT Avalanche 2.0 Disc 2011 Mountain Bike - ... e-ec024767
Cannondale Trail SL 3 2011 Mountain Bike - ... e-ec025260
Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2012 Mountain Bike - ... e-ec030674
Kona Cinder Cone 2011 Mountain Bike - ... e-ec026502

The guy in Evans was also talking up a Pinnacle, just wondering if there are any major things I should be looking for or any best in class outside the decathalon/ fury I should be going for.

Thanks All
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