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JoeTateJoeTate Posts: 8
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Im Joe, 22 from York. Been riding dh for years, done morzine, fort william, inners, spend most of the time riding the North Welsh tracks.

Bought my Lapierre and custom built it 2 years ago - you'l see what specs on it.





and my baby....


Go easy guys, first post.



  • tarbot18tarbot18 Posts: 531
    nice bike looks a few bobs worth
    The family that rides together stays together !

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  • Yeah, constant money pit, worse than house and car.

    Spec is:

    2009 Lapierre dh920 frame
    2010 Limited edition world cup fox 40's
    Fox rear shock with Ti Spring
    Sudpin pedals
    Hope pro 2 hubs on mavic 729 rims
    Hope v2 brakes on hope 203mm rotors - braided lines throughout.
    Hope integrated top mount
    Hope headset
    Continental Kaisers/Maxxis Minions
    Sunline 745 bars/Reverse 720 bars.
    FSA seatpost
    Bel-air seat
    Shimano saint short cage rear mech and shifter
    saint road rear cassette (on pictures shows dg990)
    Shimano saint cranks
    E-thirteen chain device

    Quite a few parts are swapped/changed abit in the last 2 weeks also
    Think thats about it.
  • Stunning machine!

    Loved the raw/gold Lap when it came out, the new colours are gopping!
  • Cheers mate.

    Im not a fan of the colours but they ride like something else the new ones, it'll be that or a morewood as hoping to change the frame end of the summer.

    Its been a good bike, 2 years of use isn't easy on a dh bike.
  • Fair enough! I've seen a few of these around on the trails and they always turn heads!

    How come you're thinking of a change?
  • Like to change every couple of years, i buy the frames at about 6 months old so doing it that way means i don't take a big hit with depreciation. The idea been i don't have to put a huge amount towards a new frame. Thats my logic anyway!

    Its not set in stone, the spec i'll be keeping but if a morewood or a 6 month old lapierre frame came up at a tasty price ...

    Are most of guys on here XC?
  • You get guys who ride a bit of everything, but you don't really see too many pure downhill dedicated rigs! Lovely bikes though mate, lucky guy with the 748!
  • MikkolaMikkola Posts: 14
    Two gorgeous machines those Joe! Always wanted a lapierre spicy myself but funds dont allow, into motorbikes as well you see and cant manage to fund the number of toys I desire! Sold my OWO1 earlier this year my father used to have an RC30 and between us we've still got two DRZ400e's setup for Dakar type adventures which we've taken to Moroccco and into the Sahara on Dakar pistes, 1998 R1, 1991 851 Strada and a couple of GS's for touring!! Live in York and have my GS here but everything else stored at my fathers.
    Do you think Morzine has enough to entertain those of us on more modest machinery (Spec Enduro/Whyte E5/Iron Horse 6.9) and of substantially lesser riding ability as thinking of few of us going next year and we've been looking at Morzine! First hand knowledge always useful!!
  • Cheers!

    I have two jobs to finance all my toys i my age, its the only way i can do it! ahh brilliant! I have the Ducati which is my 'baby' bought it on 4,800 miles, and a nc30 honda which i have, would love an mv agusta f4 at some stage but won't be for awhile!

    Morzine has plenty for everyone, most of the tracks are relatively easy to do on a standard full sus, it all depends at what speed you go down it. Amazing place, meet amazing people, can't recommend it enough - still prefer Fort William though, the one track there is amazing. Only problem i find with Morzine most of the tracks are well used, full of braking bumps and theres that so many maintanence isn't great on them, still an amazing place though! Every biking 'person' should go! I'll probably be giving it a miss this year, theres some tracks down south i want to ride along with going to ride ones in Germany.

    Do it though!
  • ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
    Nice first post!
    Lovely machine is that lapierre, much prefer those ones to the new ones.
    Where abouts in north wales do you ride? I'm based in bangor and ride a bit of everything, some ace riding to be done round here.
    Production Privee Shan

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  • Hello, Llangollen, Nant G, Moelfre, Foel are my main ones .... In fact i'v got an event at Nant G coming up soon i think.

    Got a few mates over that way - theres literally f**k all round York in terms of DH riding!
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