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Giant Cadex 1992 Carbon Fibre - project

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55cm Giant Cadex.
Carbon Fibre tubing, Aluminium lugs. The guy I bought it off is a composite expert and builds yachts, so he repaired one of the lugs and had it all stripped and relacquered. Looks awesome.

Project to build up over the next few months.
Current situation is:
- frame a touch too small
- headset loose
- rear freehub - dead
- both wheels pretty naff.
- vertical dropouts

Plan is:
Firstly: new chain, then will be operational for a few trips to get a feel for it (I picked up my 1st part - a brake cable!) and work out sizing. The rear derailleur is set up and works absolutely crackingly - just need to get a chain on to confirm.
Then - new rear wheel (maybe do both at once) in order to upgrade the rear hub. Will get a single speed converter at the same time, shorten chain - then will run it as a SS for the time being
Then - new headset/quill stem to make it a bit longer for me
Then - new seatpost/saddle (one with a couple of cm setback, to get it to fit)
Then - go fixed by virtue of a EMO eccentric hub,
Finally - upgrade front chainrings to a track specific/Dura Ace jobby. Not sure what gearing, but thinking around 70, I imagine

Below is what I am unsure of:
Brakes/ handlebars. Think either both and hoods, or front only and little lever, still drops. Dont like the idea of flat bar for this.
Wheels wise, ideally looking at either vintage dura ace hubs on mavic open pros (black) OR if possible, get the new Dura Ace rims (do they come separately?) for my day-to-day bike (already got Ultegra hubs) and swap the current rims onto the Giant buy 105 hub up front, EMO eccentric rear.

Anyway....who knows. Either way, should be sick!

Thoughts and/or suggestions?

Photos here:[email protected] ... 968390163/


  • Love this. Not seen one before with downtube shifters I don't think. Can't wait to see it built up.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Not at all sure what to do. What are your thoughts on my build process. Sadly it is very much a 'toy' and not a 'tool' so have to pick up bargains as and when they come along! She is pretty though. See here: ... d374e74c1c

    for potential
  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,545

    I built up one of these a couple of winters ago and I'm still using it as a 2nd/winter bike. It's a decent enough frame, if you put to one side the experience of riding a new carbon fibre frame... no hiding it's 20yrs old, but I love it!

    I'm looking forward to seeing this one complete, especially with the downtube shifters (I converted mine to run Campag Veloce).

    Photo, if you're interested:

    Bikes: Donhou DSS4 Custom | Condor Italia RC | Gios Megalite | Dolan Preffisio | Giant Bowery '76
    Flickr:[email protected]/
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