Building a bike

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Okay. It's too much. I'm too excited. I was biting my tongue trying to keep it in til it's finished BUT I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

I've been building a bike since the first week of December and its NEARLY FINISHED. It's a BeOne Raw Pro in black & green and it's consuming my whole life! I can't wait for it to be finished so I can stop spending money!

So far the gear includes Chorus brifters, 105 brakes (mixin' it up), veloce front and rear mech, FSA Gossamer BB30 chainset, and a set of wheels from a friends Giant which he upgraded (until I can afford a nice set of wheels).

ANYWAY the point isn't the spec of it, I'll do that in full when it's done... I just wanted to say ITS SO EXCITING. Just been out and cut and fitted all the brake cables, just the gear cables to do, then tape up the bars, get chain & cassette and I'm good to go!

Does anyone else find themselves reverting to a childlike state when doing something like this? I was actually hopping around the shed with a smile.



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    You should have seen me building my kit car, it was like watching my 3yr old nephews with their new spiderman suits !!
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    but once it's built you'll need to start thinking about the next one....

    I build about 5-10 bikes a year - some for me, some for friends. If I don't have one on the go... I'm at least thinking about the next one.
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    Get it done and get some piccies up on the site . I was a click away from having one of those frames from CRC at £500 a couple of months ago. and it would have defo been the Black and Green.

    Prove me wrong but I wouldnt mix campag with shimano (I know its only the calipers) bet you end up getting some campag skeleton style ones.

    Last poster was write, once you ve built one youll end up doing at least 2 more a year. Or constantly swapping out components.

    Lean year for me last year only built 7.
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    maddog 2 wrote:
    If I don't have one on the go... I'm at least thinking about the next one.
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  • Yep, building up a bike is all consuming & very addictive. Not to mention expensive! I personally really like adding finishing touches like a nice Salsa seat clamp, KCNC valve caps & Cinelli Mike Giant bar tape. I built up both my bikes & loved it, very satisfying, but the others are right tho, i'm already thinking about my next one. Would love a Look or Dedacciai frameset to build around!
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    You think you are excited now, wait till your finished. You'll have about three days of bliss, then, your thinking about the next one.