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Keen to lose a bit of weight and get fitter in the vein hope of keeping up with the boys (and girls) I ride with, I have been watching what I eat and have taken to running in my lunch break. So far so good having lost a stone (no... stop it... you're too kind...). Anyway, my question is, in order to have the greatest impact: weight loss / calorie burn etc. should I run before or after I eat my lunch?

A small bit of further information
- both lunch consumption and the run (combined with a bit of general internet shenanigans) need to be completed within an hour between 12 and 2.
- the lunch is fairly light: one sandwich round, rice cakes and some fruit and raw veg
- the run is nothing special: just short of 5km on pavement (minor up and down)

Or does it really make little/no difference? Your thoughts welcomed.


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    I found that running too soon after eating made me feel sick, and gave a bad stitch. In your situation I'd look at some sort of snack a couple of hours before your run, e.g. a cereal bar and an apple at 10am, then run at 12 and eat lunch after.
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    I would head out for a run and then come back and have lunch. Your body would have worked hard on the run so having lunch afterwards will help.
  • id allways say eat after a run, unless its before breakfast.

    Give at least 2hours untill its something small ie cereal or banana.

    Little tip: after exercise you have 30 mins to load your body up with fuel as during this time it makes the most of what you eat, and burns it most effectively.

    lose a few more pounds, dont eat as much as you would normally 30mins after exercise and replace with banana or fruit/nuts
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    Post training, you need to digest the food and cannot do that while running.

    You may consider some sort of pre training snack about half hour before you head out. Fruit or shake perhaps.
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    Note that now you've lost a stone your body requires less energy (i.e. calories) so you will have to run further/eat less if you want to continue losing weight.

    Have a cup of coffee 30-40 mins before your run - proppa coffee you will need 6/9mg per kg bodyweight & there's about 100mg in a cup.

    When you get back lose the sandwich/rice cakes/fruit and eat a litre tub of chickpeas/lentils/butter beans/cous cous with mackerel/sardines/herrings/chicken and chillies. And some water.

    Couple of cups of green tea during the afternoon.
  • Thanks guys. So pleased to still be receiving such sound advice on this thread. Cheers
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    When you finish the run, try a muller rice as a snack hardly any fat and full of carbs.
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    1mancity2 wrote:
    ...try a muller rice as a snack hardly any fat and full of carbs.

    Full of carbs in the form of sugar. Tut tut.
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    .blitz wrote:
    1mancity2 wrote:
    ...try a muller rice as a snack hardly any fat and full of carbs.

    Full of carbs in the form of sugar. Tut tut.
    Indeed. I often make my own rice pud which is pretty much the same thing. I get to choose what flavour it is too. Nommy with cinnamon and honey.

    Could also get syrups from sugarfreemegastore.