Which wheels?

Mr Tumble
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I was hoping someone could give me some advice on a wheel related matter, I have recently come into a second set of wheels and basicallly dont know which to keep for my sunday best. I have,

Fulcrum racing 5,
Ritchey OCR DS Pro.

I want to keep one set on the bike for my weekly commute and the other set for sportive's or weekend ride.

Thank you for any help and apologies if this is a very newby question!


  • anto164
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    Whichever wheels are slower, make them the daily commute wheels.
  • MattC59
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    I've just done a bit of googling and the Ritcheys appear to have a gppd reputation. That said The Fulcrums are good wheels.

    Ride them both and see which you prefer to ride on. I'm guessing that your commute will be harder on wheels, so use the heavier/slower/softer/least favorite ones for your commute.
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  • Thank you for that, I've been using the fulcrum's but will swap for the Ritchey's and try for a week and see how they perform.
  • rake
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    i dont think either of them are good commuting wheels on durability grounds.