Bike fit?

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I have been reading the thread L2P and reading about bike fit - but what does that mean?

I really can't tell how well I like a bike till I have spent around a couple of hours riding it and even then am never quite sure.

Also from a mtb background its seems less important as I generally go by standover height.

So how do I define the right fit?




  • Bike fit is adjusting the stem lenght, saddle height and saddle fore/aft postion once you have a frame that is a suitable size for you. Top tube length is as important as stand over height but you can read all about it on sheldon browns site

    Most people go to the LBS for a bike fit or you can measure and play around until you get it right - I thought I had it right on my own - and then had a bike fit - absolute revelation - getting someone to do it for you is well worthwhile.
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    To be honest - standover height is completely and utterly pointless on a road bike really. Ignore it as such. A proper professional bike fit will go so much further than saddle position and bar height / reach. My bike fit session started with my shoes, and meant tweaking the cleat position and fitting a varus wedge to suit my own particular anatomy.

    Having had it done properly, i'd suggest most bike shops could not do a proper bike fit. They'll get the basics right but not go to the lengths that a full pro fit gets you. Try a search - most who have it done would recommend it as the best £100-£150 you could spend (similarly with pro coaching)

    Probably the most well known is the Specialized Body Fit - to give you an idea (video linked on this page)....