1990 Campagnolo Chorus hubs

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As part of a retro rebuild I’ve just dusted off a pair of 1990 7 speed Chorus hubs (with mavic open 4 cds and wheelsmith spokes). They were last used in 1992 and although they look mint and appear to run pretty smooth I think they deserve a bit of attention.

The problem is the last time I touched a cone spanner John Major was the PM and I had more hair and a smaller waistline. Can anyone point me in the direction of what I should be doing?

I guess its worth changing the bearings or at least cleaning off and greasing them but I can’t remember if this is a horrible job or not.
Any idea on what size bearings I need?
What size cone spanners do I need?
Any other tips on servicing campag hubs?
Am I likely to take apart something and a selection of springs fly off into the garage abyss?

I could just take it in to a bike shop and give it to someone who is younger than the wheels themselves but I like to do most things myself but I have concerns as its been 20 years since I took a hub apart.

Many thanks



  • Monty Dog
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    You'll probably find that a clean and re-pack is all they need. Replacement bearings are readily available.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Simmo72
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    After what felt like a battle to death with a freewheel and 20 years of old grease and grime, I got the thing off and was pleased to find both hubs in great condition. All now cleaned and polished with new set of bearings to go in.