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BB axle size

mountaincookiemountaincookie Posts: 292
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
I'm back once again...the eternal thicky....

Bottom brackets. I've used a trusty pair of mole grips (I love those things) to remove the old bottom bracket from my cheap (18-23 steel) raleigh frame (68mm bb shell). It wasn't your ordinary bb - kind of all detached and could be regreased and put back - but it has some weired sqauare taper desighn so won't fit a normal crank

ANYWAY - the reason I'm here - axle size? I measure the previous bb axle size and it comes out at about 124mm. I'm not putting the same crank back on though - I've got a 1/2 by 1/8 fixie crank. I'm planning to get a standard sqaure taper JIS bb...what axle size should I go for?


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