New Bike recommendation must be european

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Need some advise
I'm keen to buy a new commute bike at up to £1000. I'm a mountain biker to trade so fairly fit & my 10mile commute will basically be a sprint. at the weekend if I cant get to the hills I'll want to do road, aiming at 35-40 miles.

Tricky bit coming up. I'll only buy a European made frame, and by made, I mean welded etc, not just painted. I'd also prefer European made kit.
So does anyone know where Merckx AMX frames are made?
or where are Bianchi Alu frames are made
Campag Veloce kit likewise.
Miche wheels - are they made in France, I was told yes.

I'm considering a Condor Italia. or if I can get one under a grand, I'd dearly love a Basso Reef.
Are there any potential bikes I've missed?

ps: my only consideration on European bike is economic and environmental , so please no "you're a racist" nonsense posts.


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    You best check the tubing is made in Europe too!! Merckx and Bianchi will both be out for starters - Far East frames.

    So what do you have against non European??
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    Most bikes at that price will be from far east, difficult to find anything that wouldnt be that would be a good spec.

    But if you're serious about the environmental bit you can still buy second-hand? And get lots for your money.

    Then perhaps you wont mid where its from either, unless you want to see some of your money go to a manufacturer.
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    Your only bet for a European-made frame would be steel - prices start from around £400 or if environmental is your concern, why not buy used? £200+ will get you a decent used frame. Otherwise £1000 will probably get you a classic bike with an older classic Italian steel frame with decent Campagnolo components if you're looking for something timeless.
    Campagnolo would be one of the few choices for components & Miche wheels are made in Italy. Try looking on Retrobike or LFGSS for bikes and frames.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • I can definitely recommend a bianchi via nirone 7. I have been so happy with mine. They are made so well. I have a bianchi via nirone 7 reparto corse / coast to coast alu/hydro 105 2008 model (mouthful i know ) and i love IT !!

    sorry can't help you with the manufacturing location... i would have to kill you :)
    bianchi via nirone 7 reparto corse 2008 alu/carbon 105
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    Campagnolo is made in Italy and some parts just over the border in Romania.

    Now, have a tip about decent alu frames made in Europe: Fort.

    Hand built frames in the Czech republic. My wife has one. Just had a quick google and this lot seem to assemble bikes using them:

    Their Intec bikes are make in Europe too according to their spiel - I'm guessing they're re-badged Fort frames.

    Their prices don't look too bad and they have a real shop in London. Might be worth a look...
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    Another option - if you can find one with Campag - is the German company Müsing. ... md%3Dimvns

    I've built a custom bike up with a Müsing frame, Campag kit, Hope/Mavic wheels and Time pedals. If it wasn't for the FSA stem and the Sugino cranks, it'll be your European bike :)
  • Isn't Miche an Italian company? The wheels could be made anywhere as their website doesn't say:

    "The manufacturing of the entire range of Miche products, are performed within the factory of San Vendemmiano (Treviso - Italy) or directly controlled to have 'the hand' of what the brand MICHE will carry in the world and, while supported by robotic machines and numerical control the whole process has a decisive run by technicians who work with high professionalism, but above all with real passion for cycling, that passion that leads to refined insights concerning the evolution of each component."
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    I'd check on yer smartphone... ooops
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    I'd have thought manufacturing efficiency was more important than shipping if the embedded energy of the end product is your concern as the raw materials will have been shipped even if the end product was manufactured closer to home. And if it is, then second hand is even greener as some have pointed out as the embedded energy is a sunk environmental cost. If shopping 'local'(ish) is your aim then this is of no help.
  • Hello. I'm with you on the environmental side. If I had a grand + for a new bike I'd be looking at an artizan hand made UK producer like Enigma. Their frames are steel or titanuim, their entry level bikes cost £999, your budget will cover but you might want to up it a bit for some of the options. Beautiful bikes that will last a lifetime and you dont see many around.

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    Almost inevitably the Viner UK website is down but their current entry level bike, the Fortis is made in Italy. They used to start their range well under 1k so it just might fit in.

    Otherwise, a £400 hand made Bob Jackson frame gives you plenty scope for a build.

    The cheaper Campag wheels are made in the Far East so you won't be keeping it European with that budget as far as Campag wheels go.
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