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2012 dawes clubman

marjorie dawesmarjorie dawes Posts: 58
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
:? i was saddened to see that the already expensive although attractive 2011 dawes clubman has been downgraded from sora to 2300 on the groupset, and its more expensive brother the "century" has gone from tiagra to sora,
when you consider the £850 or £999 pricetag and what else if availible for that price, i wonder if they will manage to sell any at all.. :?
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  • Chris JamesChris James Posts: 1,040
    It's all about hitting price bands though isn't it? Bike parts seem to keep getting more and more expensive.

    From the tone of your post, and your avatar I assume you already have a clubman and are bemoaning that others may not buy it when it become more expensive?

    But if you are actually looking for one, then Spa Cycles have them in 54cm and 57cm for £580, which seems very good value.
  • hey chris, you are perceptive, i do have one, and i did get it from spa cycles, and for £620.00 but i wouldn't pay any more for it, its an excellent cycle,
    put the fun between your legs
  • tim_wandtim_wand Posts: 2,552
    Its a real shame really, after building some dodgy road/ race orientated bikes recently that just couldnt really cut it, and making some competitive rigid and Ful sus MTB's about 5 years ago, Dawes seemed to be finding its market again with these Clubman style bikes and they looked the business.

    I was thinking that next time my works bike scheme came up I d get a clubman for Commuting Touring and Long rides but with the component down grade I dont think I ll bother.
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