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Greetings all

I have a question about my indoor trainer.

I did my first 20 miles on it, and now my rear tire has a slightly worn spot where it made contact with the roller.

Is this normal? Is the roller touching the tire with too much pressure? Should I decrease the air pressure on the tire?

I just have so many questions because I don't want to waste a tire riding nowhere indoors. Haha

Thank you all, in advance, for your input.
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    You can get turbo specific tyres as you will wear a flat spot on a normal tyre as you are finding out. You could also use an old tyre that you no longer use on the road. Ribble cycles are advertising the Tacx turbo tyres really cheap but are out of stock at the moment. They do an email alert if you go to their site though
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    I am gonna assume you're on a turbo trainer?
    Get a 'trainer tyre' for your rear wheel.

    ...normal road tyres tend to overheat & wear out faster than they should on turbo-trainers. There are specific tyres recommended for use with these, with a much harder / heat resistant compound.
    such as:
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    as SKYDOG said - you need a turbo tyre - the rubber is generally a specific compound, and the profile normally has a broader flatter section for better contact with the roller, less slippage etc.
    I have used Tacx trainer tyre for years now, especially after seeing horror stories of exploding road tyres due to overheating (but that must have been a woeful set up to do so)
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    For those of us who havent a bike permanently setup on the turbo, you can still use an 'old' road tyre.
    If I make any more of a faff setting the bike up and then having to change a wheel with a so called turbo tyre, I'd probably sack off the training session.
    I'm a lazy twunt who has been known to take that bike with turbo miles on it on the road... I'll report back when I fall off.
    I suggest that you check the presure between the roller and the tyre. There is with Tacx trainers a dial on the underside of the roller unit to lessen or increase the contact pressure.. you dont want the tyre squeezed so hard.

    Most of the guys in the club use a turbo with ordinary tyres and again havent heard any go pop recently... seen someone fall off though which was quite amusing.