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2011 Tomac Snyper 140 - Updated

clamps81clamps81 Posts: 315
edited March 2015 in Your mountain bikes
Been after a full susser for ages and finally bagged this frame in the CRC sales over christmas. Bits have been trickling through since then and I started building last weekend (with able assistance and workshop space from fellow forum goer Mojo666) and managed to finish and get out for my first ride today.

First off, apologies for the terrible phone pics - I have an unsteady hand and an inferior camera.

Here it is near the start


Most of the bits on by now




Maiden ride :



Frame: 2011 Tomac Snyper (medium)
Forks: 2011 Rockshox revelation world cup 150mm
Bars: Truvativ Holzfeller
Stem: Truvativ AKA
Headset: FSA with a superstar cap/bung

Groupset/Brakes : 2012 Shimano XT (double)

Wheels are Mavic EN521 on Superstar Switch evo hubs

Still some niggles to sort out (inevitable really) but dead pleased otherwise. Never ridden a full suss in anger before and it's crazy. The damm thing just wants me to go faster and faster and faster. I always felt with the old that I was doing something I shouldn't - it was very jittery, but this thing just barrels along. Hit the freeride section at Cwmcarn and massively overshot the first tabeltop because I was going so much quicker than usual. Can't wait to spend more time riding the thing. I will hopefully supply better photos soon.
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Tomac Snyper - Now sadly in pieces


    nice bike enjoy getting it dirty
    falling off doesn't hurt....its the landing that hurts

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  • Really nice build. Enjoy riding it. I'm new to FS too and I can't believe how quick I can be now...
  • Lovely bike mate! But my god, why is that bike still so white in the pictures? Epic fail! :D
  • clamps81clamps81 Posts: 315
    lol, I cheated and used the fireroad up to where the photo is taken. Should be nicely caked by the end of tomorrow though!
    Nukeproof Mega AM

    Tomac Snyper - Now sadly in pieces
  • bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
    Pictures of a Tomac taken on a camera phone?? You use a phone to take pictures of an Apollo Special and that's about it. Common, get a classy picture up for us to drool over!
  • AshweeeAshweee Posts: 48
    Wow, very nice! and very white!
  • clamps81clamps81 Posts: 315
    Update time for this. I've running it about eighteen months now I still absolutely love it. A couple of my original component choices were very dubious - the 521 rims are far too heavy and beefy for what a lightweight like me needs and getting the double working right was always a faff. I want to replace the wheelset at some point, but can't see myself saving up that much cash anytime soon.

    Changes :
    Obligatory reverb now added - easily one of the best upgrades I made.
    Revelation now has a 150mm coil in it from a sektor, which is far, far better.
    It's now a 1x10 - MRP G2 chain device, e.thirteen 34t rinng and a ZEE rear mech. Works a bloody treat and quite surprised at how well I'm coping with the gearing.
    Running on-one chunky monekya nd smorgasboard tyres as they were all I could afford. They're ok in the dry, but toal pish in the wet. Going to go tubeless at some point as I've had an ardent off a mate that I like the look of.

    Apologies for the absolutely foul blue grips on it.



    Nukeproof Mega AM

    Tomac Snyper - Now sadly in pieces
  • Myster101Myster101 Posts: 856
    Very very nice bike, looks great. If you want to get rid of the wheels give me a shout as I'll take the rear off you.
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  • DegsDegs Posts: 1
    hi mate
    i have a chanc of bagging a snyper 140 fully built only used for 2 years with minimal riding time.
    I am aware these guys have now gone under in the states and frame support is none. but it looks like such a good bike and reviews i can find are all glowing.
    My question to you if you dont mind is why is yours now in bits , did the frame give way or something ?

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