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has anyone had this problem and how did you solve it. My computer cursor now has a mind of it's own . It jumps all over the place . When typing it jumps backwards and if you don't watch you typing is ruined. Sometimes it disappears altogther.
any help appreciated
It took over 10 mins to type this due to the prob. I don't normally type this slowly.


  • possibly a problem with your mouse. Make sure the underside of the mouse is clean, make sure it's plugged in properly, if you have one available, test another mouse...

    If it's a laptop, it could well be the touchpad.....
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    Do you use an optical mouse? If so are you using it on a slippery surface? I use a Logitext mouse and if I use it with any other mouse mat than a fabric one the cursor goes everywhere, sometimes vanishing off the screen into oblivion.
  • Restart? :wink:

    Wireless mouse?

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    Thought the problem was your machine putting random 't's in your typing :wink:
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    Has some mischievous colleague plugged a second keyboard into your computer?
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  • I am using a lap top and touch pad.
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    what operating system?

    do a system restore back when you know the the keyboard was a-ok. is it still happening?

    check the computer manufacturers website for touch pad updates
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    Most likely your computer is screwed! Laptops are among the worst offenders... had an HP Elitebook with a touchpad and a nipple-mouse - caused ruddy havoc I can tell you.

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  • even if the touchpad is f*****. It's not a tricky job to replace it. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Try it with an external mouse you know works. If that's OK check on E-Bay if you can get a new touchpad and off you go. Depending on the manufacturer of the laptop there may be dismantling instructions on the web, certainly HP is available. So long as you're methodical it's a piece of p***. If it's still knackered after replacing the touchpad, then it's probably a M/Board issue in which case, time to look for a new laptop. You can replace the M/Board but it's never economically viable or terribly successful.
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    Touch pads are a pain - it is easy to touch the pad with the palm of your hand whilst typing, moving your cursor to a random position whilst you continue to type oblivious of the move. Buy a USB keyboard and use that.
  • I have had 2 Dells with this problem.

    You need to turn off the touchpad in the bios and problem should be resolved. I did this myself but it was under the supervision of my super techy husband and a long time ago, and I can't remember now how to go about it, except that you access the bios by pressing one of the F buttons as you start it up. You can probably get this info thru google.

    It does mean you need to use a plug-in mouse (or the nipple mouse if you have one) thereafter.

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  • Had this problem a couple of times with my emachines E627. Don't know the cause but seemed to fix itself if I swapped users. Might work - assuming you have a second user...
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  • Thanks for the help. I was advised to go to the drivers and load an up date . This seems to have solved the problem.