rear hub bearings help??

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In need of some info n help with rear hub(shimano).

Could here a clicking from rear wheel when not peddling so taken bearings out to re-grease and 1 side was dry and bearings slightly rusty,other side was ok.....
I cleaned em up and replaced with fresh grease but its not turning smoothly so i assume iwill have to get new bearings,is there any chance that inside the hub could get damaged when its dried out??

Where is best place to buy new bearings and wot size??

Ta :wink:


  • Monty Dog
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    The dry / corroded bearings may have damaged the bearing seats in the hub shell or races on the cones - you may have to strip down the hub again to inspect them. If they are OK, you may have over-tightened the cones because when you tighten the wheel QR it increases the load on the bearings. I can't remember offhand the size of rear hub ball bearings but they are typically a standard size - your LBS should be able to advise.
    Check out the ParkTool website for more information.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • scazzer
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    Gonna have to strip it down again so will check for any damage on hub seats,and cones were only finger tight then locked in place with locking nut.....

    will check with LBS also :wink:

    cheers for help
  • centimani
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    Looking at it logically Scazzer, was the wheel running free before you stripped it ?
    If it was, there's no reason it wont again, probably needs a little further adjustment.
    As you say, strip, clean thoroughly, inspect cones and cups, balls etc...its all good practice anyway.