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Kids bike glasses with clear or yellow lenses?

htsw5htsw5 Posts: 72
edited January 2012 in Family & kids cycling forum
Does anyone know where you can get kids bike glasses with clear (or yellow) lenses?

I feel a bit silly turning up in the dark at nursery with my boy in sunglasses, but he needs something to cover his eyes and that's all I can find.

Hoping there is something on the market but I can't find it.

Many thanks


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    BSG-31 - Kids Sport Glasses from BBB
    Help I'm Being Oppressed
  • htsw5htsw5 Posts: 72
    Thanks - I'll give them a shot... :D
  • I got my 10 year old Madison M-Vision Shields Compact Glasses - I just got the clear but you can get Madison compact with a range of lenses - they were in her stocking and she is very pleased with them so far (first worn for a CX race on 27th Dec)
  • htsw5htsw5 Posts: 72
    Just thought I'd give an update to say the BBB glasses have arrived and fit great.

    I was a little worried that I might need to put on a strap as the wee man's not yet 3, but arms are tight enough not to need them.

    He just loves having yellow glasses like daddy and seeing the world with extra colour...

    Thanks again for the suggestion.
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