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lately on longer rides 50+ miles ive been getting numb plums(for want of a better word) which is a bit strange as last summer i never had any problems at all even on 100 mile + days out, ive raised my saddle height up about a inch maybe a inch and a half as i was told it was to low and its much better now, but i get numb plumbs could it be the length of the stem could i be leaning to far forward, thought it maybe the saddle angle ive tried to angle the saddle down but thats hasnt helped and is maybe more unconformable as i keep sliding forward

any help appreciated


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    As you have hinted -its probably a bike fit issue. Could be the angle of the saddle or even angle of the bars. I went for a bike last summer - and was amazed how seat pressure could be increased by the brake hoods just being a cm up or down.
    I won't profess to have the answer - but a few quid spent on a fit now - could save a lot heartache - and time of the bike later. ( Google ' Pudendal nerve' if you want to scrare yourself)

    One way or another get it sorted. They are some good web sites on bike fit techniques - but for a quick result a pro fit would 'nip this in the bud'
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    saddle height/position could be a factor

    or it might be that the saddle shape/width is wrong for you, maybe you need a wider/flatter saddle

    training hard, i got much leaner and found i had to change saddle to be comfy, i simply had less natural padding than i used to
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    whats the best position to have the saddle i think its the right height i might try angling it down a little and see if that helps i might also try the stem of my mountain bike as its smaller than my road bike one well thats if it fits any way

    if all else fails ill try the pro fit as im skint at the moment

    thanks for the advice though
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    If you've raised your saddle that much, and more than an inch is HUGE in bike fit terms, then your stem length possibly will need changing for a shorter one. That big a rise in saddle height will effectively put your saddle further behind the BB line. To compensate, you need to slide the saddle forward in the clamp to maintain the same setback from the bottom bracket. Hopefully you can move the saddle forward enough and stay within the "safe" clamp zone which should be marked on the rails.

    To get a (rough) check, put the saddle back to the original position where it was comfy, no numbness, then drop a plumb line from the very tip of the nose of the saddle, and measure the horizontal distance to the centre line of the bottom bracket. Then when you raise the saddle to where it currently is, repeat process and see if you can retain that same setback by moving the saddle in the clamp.

    Reason is that with an effectively longer reach as you have now with the higher saddle, you are probably bent over more at the hips/waist to reach the bars, putting more pressure on your bits.

    This may still not fix your numbness issue, but it's a start.
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    you can angle it down a bit, but if you slide forward that's probably going to make things worse

    there're umpteen systems for bike fit, if you take some time and experiment you can probably get close with diy

    imho ignore ones that are based on measuring and calculating theoretical positions, stick with practical on the bike

    start with saddle height
    then adjust position/angle

    have a look at...

    try to feel how you are really seated on the saddle as you ride, is your weight on your sit bones? or are you getting pressure along the centre of the saddle? if it's the latter then a different saddle might be best
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