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Hi there

Need a fairly quick response as I'm about to pull the trigger!

I'm buying the Bryton Rider 35E from Wiggle but also want a cadence/speed sensor, so am looking at the Garmin GSC 10 Wireless Speed/Cadence Sensor too.

Will these two devices work with each other? My gut says yes, but wanted confirmation!


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    I believe, that if the Bryton Rider 35E has cadence speed capability, and uses the ANT+ comms protocol, then you should be fine.

    As I understand it, any ANT+ cadence device that is looking for an ANT+ canence sensor, will talk to the sensor no matter what make it is.

    I'm sure someone else will be able to confirm this soon...............
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  • That's also what I was thinking, but need to be 100%...
  • Probably too late for you, sorry, but I haven't been logged in for a couple of weeks.
    I have the Bryton Rider 35 and can confirm (100%) that it works perfectly with Garmin Ant+ compatable kit.
    You simply need to go to settings-sensors-cadence then manually scan the device. You'll see it's been recognised when it shows a unique 5 character code.
    You'll probably want to then change the screen around so that the cadence output is on the main screen.
    go to settings-display-meter-meter 1,2 or 3. select the appropriate field and use the up and down arrow until the cadence output is displayed, press select.
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