new to trail riding and not so fit

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right then,went to cannock the other day and rode monkey for first time the other day after not riding for years(new thing to do at work) went very unprepared as didnt know how hard on me it would be till now but have the bugg!!! now my question is what to eat prior and during so i dont hit the wall as i did at about 10 miles!! i was lucky in that one of the lads had some TORQ gel things? are they a get out of jail card or is that a good thing to have??? i really dont have a clue but want to learn FAST as i loved it..


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    Drink plenty before you go, eat porridge, banana's about an hour before you ride, take some gels or breakfast bars with you and if your hammering it or unfit have 1 every 1/2 to 1hr.

    The most important thing is to drink, sips often are better than long gulps also take some jelly babies with you these are instant energy and really get you out of a fix.

    Dehydration is the biggest energy killer.
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