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Saxobank 2011 Thermal Jersey

SkerrymanSkerryman Posts: 323
edited January 2012 in Road buying advice
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Sportful jerseys. Seen the Saxobank long sleeve thermalone on Wiggle at half price, and seems like a good option considering the cack weather we've been having. I'm thinking of going for the large as they apparently come up a bit small. I'm a large in Giordana and a medium in Gore, Endura and Specialized jerseys. Also can anyone confirm if the two jerseys in the links below are the same thing, listed as thermal jersey on Wiggle and as Windstoppper jacket on PBK. I can't see any difference in the jersey, huge difference in price though, maybe I'm missing something. ... 5360057951 ... -2011.html


  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    The thermal one will have a fleece-ish finish to the inside ... The windstopper will have some kind of membrane between layers (if like my craft one) or have a breatheable windproof coating on tne outside ...

    I'd buy the cheaper thermal one and a jacket or gilet and you'd still be money up on the windstopper ... If you're into the saxo 2011 thing buyba black sportful windproof jacket to sort of match ...
  • ilm_zero7ilm_zero7 Posts: 2,213
    always found Sportful to be well made stuff, but sizing on the small size - so normal cycling sizes then!
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  • Coach HCoach H Posts: 1,092
    For Sportful read Castelli.
    One and the same company as since Sportful bought Castelli.

    Sizing and quility the same but as Castelli is veiwed by the uninformed as the premier brand you can sometimes get the same spoduct cheaper branded as Sportful.

    Also consider the Gore Phantom So from Wiggle for £75 and sibscribe to the newsletter or change preferences to get a £5 voucher and this comes down to £70 for a really great product that you are already confident of the size. ... so-jacket/
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  • SkerrymanSkerryman Posts: 323
    Cheer's for the replies folks. Just thought it was a nice looking jersey. Crazy difference between the price of the thermal and the windstopper, not sure how they justify that (or many other bike gear prices for that matter). Like the Saxobank stuff, even if it is last years. Never had to take more than a large in a jersey so guessing that might do. Seems like a versatile enough jersey. Or maybe I'm getting caught up in the sales thing. Gore one seems nice but a bit out of budget.
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