Daily deal feedback is locked?????

l33boy Posts: 63
What's the score with the daily deals feedback?
You want to leave feedback but the thread is locked... very useful!

I have had a bad experience with the Daily Deal offers which I was 'mail shot' on. :roll:
Paid via Paypal over 2 weeks ago but nothing appeared... with Christmas in between I gave them some time.
I Got in touch and they sent a voucher code for another site which apparently I have to order from.(no mention of that in the original offer)
OK I thought lets try it.... nothing happened, still the same price not free...
gave them the feedback asking for a refund
They sent me another code to try.... I wanted a refund...
But hey, what the heck, gave it a go and.... nothing!
... so I raised a Paypal claim...... full refund has just come through.

Seems the site is protecting it's interest?
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