Cake in mallorca

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Two questions for you guys who have travelled over to Mallorca to do a bit of riding.
1. Which area do you reccommend?
2. How is the standard ( and the maintenace ) of the rental bikes available over there?
Cheers guys any help appreciated.
Thinking of going over in March.


  • Dunk_911
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    When I went we rode in the mountains. Thats the Tramuntana mountain range on the north of the island.

    As for cake I think Madeira would be traditional wouldnt it?

    No idea about rental bikes im afraid :/
  • Sirius631
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    If you want a good cake stop there's a cracking one in Muro, but it's hard to find. We always get lost.
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  • daviesee
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    I've only been once, in April, so it's a pretty small sample but Puerto Pollensa seemed exceedingly good and popular.
    The one rental bike I saw looked decent quality and in good nick.

    I liked it so much that I am going back this year! :P

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  • Gazzetta67
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    Been a few times to Puerto Pollensa - Bikes from Procyclehire in the town his name is Bruce nice guy always helpfull

    Bikes are Carbon or Alu Usually Massi carbon fibre just take your pedals. There is a group ride from Tolo's bar on the seafront that leaves most mornings around 9.30am - 10am.

    Pollensa is prob the best place on the island to be. Flat roads or about 15kms from the Mountains, tho their is a cracking climb just out of Puerto Pollensa to Formentor nice steady climb and great views. the main mountains as i say are about 15kms away but the nice flat run up will get any stiffness out the legs for the climb. 3 climbs of note are the Sa Calobra (dead end) at the bottom and a spectacular views on way down and a gradual climb back up. There is a small hut at the top that sells drinks,sandwiches etc were all the Cyclists re-fuel. from there you can go through the road tunnell and you start the descent of the "Col du Puig Major" and then onto the climb out of "Soller" best to get a good map of the island.

    Finally as for a good tea & Cake stop there are 2 cafe's at the roundabout at the marina in Puerto Pollensa one is called 1912 cafe and sorry cant remember the other. hope this helps. enjoy your trip.
  • Sirius631
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    +1 On Puerto Pollensa for staying and for cakes. Cafe 1919 is great for cakes and is situated at the start of the pedestrianised section of the sea front.

    Also +1 on Pro Cycle Bike for bikes. Used them the first year I was there.
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  • mallorcajeff
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    north coast is best ive been over the moutains this morning very sunny 19 degrees and its all be re surfaced and its a smooth as silk!

    Cakes are everywhere but best ones are the ones you think who woudl go in there? do as the spanish do. there is a hidden one in inca I can put a map up for anyone intersted by a country mile best cakes on the island the chef at my work even buys the cakes there as they are better than his!
  • mallorcajeff
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    oh yeah and bruce at pro cycling hire anotuher recomendation good bikes and seem in good nick.
  • mrushton
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    Marcel Wust has a place in the southern part of the island (Casa Ciclista I think) but Puerto Pollensa is good (stayed at Club Pollensa a few times) and also Pollensa town. Lots of cycle hire, Max Huertzler is a big player in the market out there to cater for the German trade.There is a hire place in Alcudia that does (or did Pinarello). Good cake shops everywhere and decent espresso is the norm.