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eyebeeeyebee Posts: 257
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I am considering upgrading wheels early spring.I have a 2009 Defy 1 which has mavic cx 22 wheels, with gatorskins.I don't race but do ride for fitness including commuting and longer weekend rides when possible.Would it be worth spending a little extra or would it be worthwhile getting something around £150. Several recent posts seem to suggest decent wheelsets around this price, but I would appreciate advice. Thanks in advance.


  • ba68ba68 Posts: 156
    It really depends on what you want to achieve from the upgrade; reduced weight, more aero, nicer ride? What tyres and tubes do you run, just changing to some good quality tyre such as GP4000s's can save you a bit of weight and improve the ride and handling. If you really feel you need an upgrade the Fulcrum 7 or 5's, Mavic Aksium or Planet x model B or C all get good reviews. I have fulcrum 5's and model B's, I prefer the 5's, they roll nicely, are stiffer and look nicer if that's a consideration, but the B's are lighter an cheaper. If you are running low end tyres you may be surprised by the difference if you just change those to start with.
  • eyebeeeyebee Posts: 257
    Ideally less weight. Due to the commuting , puncture resistance is important, so i have conti gator hardshells. Planet x b's appeal (price) but would they be durable enough for 20 miles commute year round? Fulcrum 5 were something i' d considered but i just need to decide whatever i decide on if any weight difference would really be that noticeable/worthwhile upgrade compared with the current wheels.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    I really don't think it's worth changing until your wheels die.
    How about getting some good fast tyres to put on as a treat for non-commuting rides when it's nice weather, like Vittoria Open Pave with some Latex tubes?
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  • Evil LaughEvil Laugh Posts: 1,412
    My missus has racked up some miles on model bs. They have been reliable.

    However I used them for a month and found them so flexy. Depends on your weight, I'm about 80kg.
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