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    My other handy tip today is that codeine is antitussive (good word too) which means that it stops you coughing. So if you have an annoying cough, as I do just now, then a couple of the combined paracetamol/codeine before bed is very helpful.
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    Ah the lovely old tramadol, I unfortunately duffed my shoulder a couple of years ago whilst out drinking with friends from BR, well months later and after some surgery I spent a good six-nine months on them, after the initially "bedding-in" period I ended up taking 10 x 50mg a day which i understand is a lot, 600mg being the recommended maximum dosage.

    Erm I did eventually manage to function in a fashion both at work and home, I also managed a week in the Alps cycling although my memories from that period is sketchy at best :?

    One very interesting side effect was the ability to drink a seemingly limitless amount of alcohol with NO hangover the next day.

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  • I broke both my heel bones (calcaneum) a few years ago in a rock climbing accident and took Tramadol for at least a couple of years afterwards. My doctor won't give them to me any more and I have to make do with codeine.

    I found them to be quite an effective painkiller. I didn't find them addictive. I operated heavy machinery whilst taking them without any problems. I also had many great days out rock climbing with Tramadol to ease the pain.
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    How many virgins are there on this forum?
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  • Look at this
    Notice it works at u receptors same as morphine and codeine (codeine is converted to morphine in the liver) not everyone can do this
    Tramadol also works at Serotonin noradrenaline and NMDA receptors this make the drug useful for neuropathic type pain
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    I had a motorbike accident a number of years ago, f*cked up my PCL and stripped all the cartilage from my knee so now have chronic osteoarthritis with constant pain every day.

    I had various drugs when I was in the UK but am now living in Singapore, I felt that the cocodemol etc was better, however I now feel that it all relates to dosage.

    I have been given Tramadol many many times out here, it never made me feel high, or really did much for the pain but you have to remember that Asians have a much smaller body mass than caucasians (I am about 16.5 stones). This leads me to believe that I am often under medicated.

    I dont take Tramadol every day, every couple of days or so when the pain is stopping me from getting a good nights sleep (you just get used to pain when it is constant every day), so this leads me to my question.

    What mg tabs are you prescribed and how many each time do you take?

    Have any of you tried Arcoxia, I get a lot of this, seems to reduce the pain, just 1 per day but there are no side effects at all, if I am honest I like to feel something when I take a painkiller, it not only numbs the pain but makes you forget about it lol.
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    I was prescribed tramadol after a shoulder operation last year. Was taking 2 capsules three times a day along with paracetamol and ibuprofen. The tramadol was the only thing that touched the pain but as somebody else has said the pain relief is pretty short lasting (around 1 hour to take effect, 2 hours of pain relief and then 1 hour of fading effect before totally wearing off).

    As for side effects I didn't get any of the more exciting things, I was just very out of it. Things like sitting down to watch a tv programme and then getting to the credits with no real recollection of what had happened. The biggest effect was on my sleep. I was on tramadol for around a month and could pretty much go to sleep on cue. However after weening myself off them i found it almost impossible to get to sleep at night. I had several nights where I literally didn't sleep a wink and it took around a month to get back into a proper sleeping pattern.

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    I`ve reduced my intake and cannot sleep much hence the 3am posts.On the whole they are a force for good but I prefer being healthy to being sick and cant wait to stop taking any of them.
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    Co-Codamol rocks: I've got boxes of the really big stuff kicking around from the big m/bike accident (snapped knees, snapped ankle, huuuuuuuuge bruise on bum, that sort of thing) and the post ops (plural) rehab - I used to sit there, pop a couple of pills and have a few glasses of red wine - well trippy. It was the only time Apocalypse Now made sense.

    I'm sure that white wine will work just as well but you may not get that "nice warm fuzzy sloshed" feeling that I find red gives you.

    The wife didn't mind because I would just sit there, dribble and giggle to myself as opposed to annoying her by talking.

    Well recommended for a wet and windy Saturday when there is nothing else to do.
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    Well, Tramadol are just about taking the edge off the pain, so I've resorted to Tramadol and 30/500 Co-Codamol. This generally results in me sitting staring at the tv in a drug induced fog. As long as I don't move, I'm not in pain, so I guess they help from that perspective :lol:

    Shingles is the wierdest pain I've ever had. It's only on the surface and the lighter the touch, the more painful it is ?!?!!?
    I can hold my ribs firmly and am not in too much pain, but if my shirt brushes lightly across my ribs, it's agony. Imagine that sensation when you get a shiver up your spine, now combine that with the soreness from bad road rash, add in a particularly bad burn and the itching you get from chicken pox and you're getting close. That's all the time, then there's the intermittent pain where I get all of the above, intensified and in one spot.

    I'll keep popping the pills !!!!
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    Thanks Guys,

    I tried taking 2 instead of the prescribed 1 I normally take.

    Yes I could feel it more this time (obviously) but as it was just 1 hour before bed time I felt very little effect, it was only once I tried to sleep I noticed the difference.

    With 1 cap I could fall asleep relatively easily and have an ok nights sleep, however when I took 2 I fell asleep very easily but kept on waking up roughly every 1 hour, strange.

    The only thing that really amused me was when I took Dormicum, this would knock you out the moment your head hit the pillow but if you stayed awake you would be pretty high and have no recollection of any of that time the following day.

    Anyway guys, perhaps some of you should try Arcoxia, its pretty good for pain relief and has no side effects that I noticed.