Seriously itchy at the top of my inner thigh

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Yes laugh! Its not a STD. I think its thrush-like? At the begining of December we had a really long wet and cold ride and I remember my shorts rubbing alot on the inside of my thigh. After a week or so my upper/top/inside where the crease is started itching like crazy. Being a man I've just ignored it.

I'm going to go to my Docs but I was hoping I could help cut to the chase as I imagine its a fairly common cyclists complaint in wet/cold road and offroad riding.
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  • Ah, athlete's crutch. I got it after three weeks as a cycle courier - the wettest 3 weeks I can remember before or since, including delivering parcels around the City the day after The Hurricane of 87.

    I was prescribed a cortisone cream - Daktacort - which I think is now over-the-counter available. There's an alternative brand, HC45 cortisone I think. Cleared it up for me in no time.
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