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Why is there not a function on this site where you can 'virtually' pit one bike against another, for instance, a Carrera Fury against a 'Boardman comp.' You might want to do the 'virtual' thing, or actually do a group test, whilst I find the site very good, I find it a bit of a 'ball-ache' to have to type in every single time the make and model which I am looking for, I'm sure there is a better way for things to be done.


  • supersonic
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    Not sure what you mean - and index of all the bikes on test?
  • I'm sure there could be an index of some sort, I wouldn't think it to hard to do on a website, the idea was just to pick two random bikes of your choice and do a back to back, ie pit them against each other, it was just an idea.
  • Jeff Jones
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    It's a good idea, not too hard to do and I think it may be in the pipeline. Sorry for being vague but as always there is rather a lot of other development work in that same pipeline.
    Jeff Jones

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