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  • sanchez89sanchez89 Posts: 567
    i have to say that is a great section of trail. we did it twice when we went up last year. in the bone dry its soo fast. even quicker second time round when you no what to expect.

    brave man going on the downhill section aswell. we watched all the looney DHers getting big air on that bottom tabletop, i was in awe of their skills, and bravery!
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    M'eh, I might just go back to zapping it with frikken lay-zur beeeems. And sharks.
  • Literally the only good bit of the FOD.... went up there not long ago, was fooooking boring until the last 5 mins!

    Loved the race bit where is splits and you nearly had a close encounter with your mate :lol:
  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    I could see him out of the corner of my eye and I knew it was going to be close :D

    The DH sections seem pretty good, loads of them but not had the chance of hitting them yet.
  • we were riding there on christmas eve and christmas day, out of the 11Km there is about 9Km of climbing for that last little section, nearly shot my brother for lying
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    so im grabbing my bike and going for a ride
  • Stevo_666Stevo_666 Posts: 43,907
    Great bit of trail that - we did it in early November, booked the uplift service to cut out all the tedious climbing :-) You can access the last bit of Verderes from the same track used to get to the DH runs.

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  • Dave_P1Dave_P1 Posts: 565
    Yeah we hit that section a few times by walking up the hill.
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