Handlebar mounted videos--how do you reduce vibration?

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I`m currently using a Flip video cam mounted on a Hama handlebar mount to take video cycle scenes; I didn`t go down route of a helmet cam as I wanted a more universally useable camcorder, hence the Flip.

However, :( , there is a lot of vibration on the video and mount system, not helped either by dreadful road surfaces around here. Has anyone come up with a neat way of reducing camera shake when bar mounted, or is it something i`ll just have to live with ??

Any useful thoughts gratefully appreciated--can eg the Flip be helmet mounted?


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    does it have an image stabilisation option? at least one flip model does, if not then...

    if the mount you've got is flexy, you could try to find a more solid one (a flexy mount will allow the camera to oscillate) or see if there's some way you can damp the vibration (use gaffer tape to brace the camera to the bars maybe)

    helmet mounting has the advantage of your built-in stabilisation, some strong rubber bands plus a bit of polystyrene foam cut to align the camera on the helmet should be simply to try out


    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flip-Video-AA ... 0599121441

    ...but i can't say i like the look of this!

    there are various post-processing tools available, you could try to see if they'll clean it up enough, this google search includes a few links...

    http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=video% ... 8&oe=utf-8
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    Cheers, thanks for all this advice; definitely don`t like look of AA mount though, looks more like soemthing a dentist may use :(

    The current bracket system has a rubber base mount to it that could allow more vibration; as far as I know the Flip has got image stabilistaion, its latest model HD

    I`ll give helmet with bands v a damped handlebar system a go maybe use Karrimat type foam with a small rigid tripod