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Kona NUNU 2011 Vs. GT Avalanche 2.0 2012

alonmilalonmil Posts: 14
edited January 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hey all,
This is my first post here so I hope I will be clear enough :D
I'm Planing to get a New Hardtail and can't decide wich one of the two to get:
GT Avalanche 2.0 2012 or Kona NUNU 2011

My riding style is XC -TRAIL
i would like if you could tell what is the downside of each model. about the Kona NUNU, I heard that the RockShox Dart2 is't so good.... even bad. The GT's Fork is the new 2012 RockShox XC28' somebody heard about it????

another issue is the Gt's Brakes: Tektro Draco Pro, I couldn't find any review about them. does someone have any GOOD/BAD experience with them???

here is links to the bikes spec.:
GT: ... lanche-2-0

Hope for some help...


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