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Suspicious? Specialized BigHit 03 +Shivers etc (Grays area)-

aceartistaceartist Posts: 65
edited December 2011 in MTB stolen
Heads up anyone missing this bike?

Specialized BigHit DH 2003 I think with Shivers and other decent kit ... Supposedly being sold from a 'store' of some kind called Grays (although the town seems to be called 'Grays' too so ...) - v minimal info and only £299.99??? I even see a Thomson seatpost on there... maybe I've been away from the scene too long and am out of touch with how little you can get a tasty bike for these days, recession an all.. but thought worth making sure as seems worth around double that at least being £2000+ new (at a guess). ... ike-ga1873

also advertised on Preloved: ... -bike.html

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