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Voodoo Bantu or Carrera Vulcan

mkempsonmkempson Posts: 2
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice

I'm looking for some help in buying my first bike, and have joined the forum for some advice :D

Looking for something I can use when out with the family (paths, tracks and parks) and take out a few times a week on my own to get myself fit. I'm thinking MTB as there are some good trails in my area and I'm not far from a variety of landscapes (Cleveland).

I have narrowed my choice down to two bikes, Voodoo Bantu or Carrera Vulcan, which I can pick up from my local Halfords (I have checked out to find the better store :wink: ).

I'm just cant decided over the two bikes, both on offer at the moment:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated... :D

Can't really afford to spend much more money. As a novice I don't really know the difference between the equipment specs. Not looking to upgrade and want something that lasts.



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