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29er rim collapse WTH?

Rob801Rob801 Posts: 43
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I posted in another thread that I'm considering a 29er as my next MTB.

So I stopped by my local bike shop yesterday to see if he had gotten any of the 2012 Cubes in yet and he hadn't but he said (in an almost concerned tone) that he talked to his Cube rep (I'm assuming it's the Danish importer, not necessarily someone from the Cube factory) and that there seems to be more of a tendency with 29er rims to collapse due to the larger diameter. I said I thought that was strange because I haven't seen any comments what so ever in all the articles I have read about 29er pros and cons about higher risk of the rim collapsing. I then asked if it was something they are experiencing with their new models and he said no, it's an inherent risk with all 29" rims.

So like I mentioned, I have read a LOT of articles and been on a lot of different forums and really have seen no mention of 29er rims being weaker for MTB use, and I would think that if it was a real problem that it would be plastered in block letters all over the net. That being said, is there anything to it (I'm aware that anything can happen under very extreme conditions but I'm thinking more for every day hobby use)?

The specific rim on the Cube I'm considering is the Schwalbe MTB AV19 29...


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    There is a theoretical increased risk, however the vast mojority of load on any wheel is radial where the 29er and 26er rims are as strong as each other, its axial (sideways) load where there is an increased risk, but a 29er rim is only just over 10% bigger than a 26er, so the lateral load portion will only be circa 10% worse. I think he's talking out his poop shute.

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  • Rob801Rob801 Posts: 43
    Thanks for the detailed answer.

    It really surprised me when he mentioned it, not because I couldn't see the theoretical risk (as you describe quite well), but the fact that it hasn't popped up in my research... and it wasn't even like he was trying to push another (26") bike on me or anything. He just thought it was something I should be aware of and that he'd have some 29ers in January if I wanted to try one. If his rep has another agenda or not is another question entirely, but you'd think he'd want to push the 29ers (the new bikes in their line up).
  • RevellRiderRevellRider Posts: 1,794
    He probably doesn't want to push a 29er due to the extra money he'll have to spend in stock spares and accessories for them.
  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Sounds like a load of censored !

    Cube's importers have said no such thing to us (we're a Premier Dealer) about 29er rims

    We have Cube 29'ers in stock now (Acid) and more to come this next month

    Schwalbe don't do rims, it's a RFR ZX24 29 made by Alex Rim on a lot of the Cube 29'ers, a Schwalbe MTB AV19 29 is an inner tube
  • Andy B wrote:
    a Schwalbe MTB AV19 29 is an inner tube

    That explains why it collapses when used as a rim then....
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  • It sounds like gossip/rumour picked up and distorted, there have been issues but not as described to you. It's been the usual scenario, weightweenies trying to save every last bit of weight they can. Some of the superlight boutique stuff has proved not to be as robust for some people in some circumstances. If you look for info on American Classic wheelsets you'll find the sort of stuff I'm talking about. I've seen mention of Stans rims being 'noodly' but that goes back a couple of years as well.

    Obviously it's all the fault of the kit, not the 250lb+ Clydesdale that wants to save 200g on a wheelset :D

    I've had zero problems with 32h or 36h rims built up by a wheelbuilder to cope with the intended use and my size.

    Oh, for what it's worth I've used Mavic TN719 rims on all my 29er wheels, that was led by wheelbuilder recommendation. No idea if they are any better or just what he had easy access to, but he was prepared to stand by his build and guarantee it, that's good enough for me.
  • Rob801Rob801 Posts: 43
    Man do I feel dumb (about the innertube)... I was in a bit of a hurry and misread the symbol on Cubes web site... thanks for the feed back. I also thought it sounded strange. In any case I feel reassured now as it did plant the tiniest seed of doubt in my mind (which was why I started this thread).

    I'm of average weight and height so that shouldn't be too much of a factor... and I'm not doing any extreme riding (jumps and stuff), just basic weekend warrior stuff.

    Thanks again for all the replies... And Happy New Year :).
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