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2012 Giant Defy Advanced not available until May? Now what?

mellow velomellow velo Posts: 41
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I have been wanting to replace my steel built racer for the last 6 months for something lighter and more comfortable, and really liked the look of the new Giant defy advanced 3 which was top of my shortlist. Now i finally have the cash to buy one i went to my local Giant dealer only to find out they are unavailable until May 2012 minimum. I phoned another 3 dealers who said the same :cry: . After a bit of Googling i found a link to an Australian government web page that have the new defy advanced range on product recall due to potential issues with the carbon fork, which may explain the extended UK availability.

This now puts me in a dilemma as i was really excited about buying a new bike, do i wait until May when the defy becomes available or do i start looking for an alternative as i'm going to find it difficult to wait that long and there is always that chance that i may not like it when i see and test it in the flesh?

I have mainly been looking at sportive type bikes as i am slightly longer in the leg than torso and feel very stretched out on my current bike despite it being custom made causing agonizing upper back/neck pain. My second choice is the Cannondale Synapse carbon but would welcome any other suggestions and it doesn't have to be a sportive type bike, it just seems like they tend to have shorter top tubes for given size which would suit me better i think.
no pain... sounds good to me


  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    So you want to buy a bike that you've never ridden and have no idea if it's right for you? If I may be so bold, stop. Now.

    If you are having problems on your current bike then whoever measured you up obviously didn't do their job properly. I'd be taking the bike back to them for a refund if I were you.

    You need to go for a proper bike fit that incorporates a flexibility assessment. I have no idea of your physical condition or limitations, but if you are looking at a Synapse, then you should also consider the following:

    Cervelo RS (production of this model stopped in 2011 but Royles and Sigma Sport both have stock)
    Bianchi Infinito
    Specialized S-Works Roubaix

    All of those bikes have shorter top tubes, taller head tubes and a more relaxed, comfortable ride.

    As I've just advised another poster, buy nothing until you've ridden it and are happy it's right for you.
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    I am looking at getting a tcr advanced2 (ultegra), but they're not available till April. Gives me enough time to save up for one, and by that time, my lbs will have a demo model in stock in the right size to try.
  • I would never buy a bike without trying it out first but with the Giant it seems there are no shops to my knowledge that have a demo in to try so would have to wait until May to even try one out.

    My current custom steel bike was my first road bike (rode MTB's before) and was told i would 'get used' to the stretched out position the more miles i do. i even had a shorter stem put in, but with six years experience on this bike i realise that it has too much reach and need something with less reach and no amount of mileage is going to make me 'get used' to it.

    Thanks for the alternate bikes suggested, I noticed Royles have the RS on offer at the moment, might be worth a look. I do like the TCR also but looking at geometry it seems like it is more stretched out than Defy.

    If anyone has managed to have a ride on the 2012 Defy advanced it would be interesting to know opinions of it.
    no pain... sounds good to me
  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    I very much doubt any-one has had a ride on a defy advanced yet.. Not even the demo models have hit the shops!!!
  • The amazing thing is, i have been on a few online bike retailers where you can add the bike to basket on website and go to checkout to pay for it and yet i know that they cant get hold of the bike for at least another 12 weeks.
    no pain... sounds good to me
  • Wee! my LBS has rang, my 2012 Defy Advanced 3 in M/L (with modifed forks) has arrived! picking it up Sat (04-02-12) not bad as they told me end of April at the earliest, chuffed to bits!
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