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Cycle to work scheme (£500)

Burnz0Burnz0 Posts: 35
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi All
I've recently signed up to the cycle to work scheme and should have £500 in vouchers arriving at some point in the next week in the hope to buy a decentish mountain bike (only time will tell if £500 is going to be enough!).
The two questions I need to ask are, firstly, will I be able to get anything half decent for £500 and if so which one? i have a few models in mind so would appreciate your thoughs; and secondly, if the answer to the above is no, under the CTW scheme are you allowed to top up or buy bikes at sale price as I've heard differing stories of what is allowed.

I'm planning on buying from one of two local bikeshops if suitable as they're both part of a local club that I would like to get involved in so feel it's probably worth paying the extra even if there's cheaper alternatives on tinternet. One of them stocks only Scott, and the other stocks some Specialized and Felt but have strongly recommended the Cube range, which they tell me are outselling everything at the moment. For my price range, the two likely options will therefore be the Cube Aim Disc 2012 or the Scott Aspect 30 Disc 2012 (although I think the RRP is above £500 and this is a sale price). Failing that, I'll probably have to get up to London to Evans etc. or as a "wildcard", maybe Decathlon as I've seen decent reviews for the Rockrider 8.1 (although I'm very unimpressed with how it looks!!).

If it comes to it, I am willing to spend a bit extra if allowed but would rather not as it sort of defeats the object of participating in the scheme so any thoughts are appreciated!!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Some good bikes for this money, and the Decathlon Rockrider 8.1 rules the roost. By far! If you can get to Decathlon, I would sit on one for size, is streets ahead of the others you list.
  • Burnz0Burnz0 Posts: 35
    to be honest I expected that response - is everything much better or just the fork? it probably is the most sensible choice but I can't get over how ugly it is!
    do you have any views out of the Scott and the Cube or anything else even?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Scott is not too bad, but doesn't state which version of fork - the Aim gets a very lowly fork, not a patch on the Recon on the Rockrider.

    It is the fork that makes or breaks bikes at this price point.
  • mattrgeemattrgee Posts: 157
    Halfords Boardman Comp?

    Ignore the current price, I'm sure it was £100 cheaper a couple of weeks ago and it will come down.
  • Burnz0Burnz0 Posts: 35
    i'd certainly consider the Boardman if the price drops although it claims to be £150 under the RRP already so is that really likely?

    "It is the fork that makes or breaks bikes at this price point" - how feasible/costly would it be to buy either the Scott or Cube and then upgrade the fork, or would this just be backward way of doing things. I've been up to Decathlon this morning to look at the Rockrider and whilst I am sure it is definitely the best deal is looks sh*t - agree?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Looking at 125 quid for the fork, but still won't be as good overall. As for looks, I'd rather have a bike that works than a bike like the cube where they spend the money on paint rather than good parts. The rockrider is the lightest, has the best parts, and rides the best.
  • Burnz0Burnz0 Posts: 35
    i suppose i can always remove the horrible looking stickers if they annoy me that much.
    Still, I can't understand how they can go from this ... %2Farticle

    to the current model

    if they still stocked the older one I'd buy it straight away
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Ride it and it will get covered in crud. Simple.
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