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Road Tyres for DT-Swiss 445D rims

Numpty_09Numpty_09 Posts: 7
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As part of my get fit regime, I am going to ditch the car and ride into work. I currently have a 2009 Specialized Rockhopper Pro Disc and need advise on sizing of road tyres to fit the current rims I have (DT-Swiss 445D, 26", double wall disc, pin joint, eyelets, 28/32h). :?

Any recommendations would very helpful.

Many thanks.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    As a 17mm rim (internal - that was the only detail we needed and the one you missed!) you should be looking at a 26x1.5" tyre. What's your budget? Schwalbe city jet are very competant and will only set you back around a tenner each (with some searching), I use (and rate highly) WTB Slickasaurus which I use on my commuter and they can be had for about £17 upwards each. I'd recommend using a 26x1.0-1.5 tube as it makes assembly easier rather than trying to squeeze in a larger tube. You want to be running at them in excess of 60psi, I use 60 front and 80 rear (with rigid forks and a rough road 80 front was just too uncomfortable and the bulk of the drag is from the much heavily laden rear tyre). There are lots of other options from heavy but as puncture proof as you'll find Marathon plus's down to 1.0" near race tyres, but I find a 1.5" a good compromise, again lots of choice, the Continental is also well rated

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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    I'd not look solely at 1.5", as implied you can get down to 1.0" with things like the Conti GP and Spesh All Conditions. Narrower will be lighter and faster, but less comfortable. They're still wider than you get on a road bike, so I'd have no issues with going that narrow. If you want to get to work quickly...

    If you want a compromise then the 1.5s suggested will be fine, I'd be inclined to look at Spesh Armadillos or Schwalbe Mararthon plus for added puncture resistance. Although they are heavier and less supple.
  • That is great thanks. All the different sizes and numbers are quite confusing. Now I am a little wiser I will have a look at the suggestions in more detail.

    I also found these:- ... -tube-set/

    I have £30 credit with wiggle so might use it up, if i can find the right tyre and tube.

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