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XC clipless shoes... advice please!

sdas777sdas777 Posts: 29
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hello... I'm looking for some clipless shoes to use for both my xc ride and use on the road bike as well. For this reason, I've been looking at light, low profile mtb shoes, what do you guys think about shoes in the £70-90 range with this description? I have looked at the Mavic Pulse and Razor, Specialized Sport and Shimano M123? any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  • agg25agg25 Posts: 619
    I went for the Specialized Comp for about £90, tried a few others inc the Razor and these fit my foot the best and had a fairly stiff sole for power transfer and the grip when pushing the bike uphill is also good when the studs are in.
    Best off trying them on down the lbs
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