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Forum - Fonts, etc (ease of reading)

I don't know if anyone has brought this up before....but I find the current forum, not difficult to read per say, but difficult to scan quickly.

Say if I'm browsing topics, or forums (and there's a lot of sub-forums), they don't jump out at me like they do on many other forums. It might only take an extra second, but it seems like a real effort mentally. A chore. Everything just blends in together.

Don't want to be negative, which is why I never mentioned anything when the forum first changed over - thought I'd maybe get used to it. I just find it really annoying, and I'm sure it could be easily fixed with a new default skin?

Or maybe it's just me?


  • I've only just noticed this post.

    I totally agree though, The new font is awful and coupled with the layout and colour scheme I find the whole thing blends together awfully. I have practically stopped using the forums since the new change and am a sad panda. I just (as you put it) find it almost a chore to scan over the sections and threads, and navigating to sub-forums through the mash of text is useless. I know change keeps us on our toes, and gets us clicking places we may not have usually done.. But dam.. Change should also be for the better, to make things easier to read and more user friendly.
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