2011 Allez Elite vs 2012 Allez Elite

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Just wondering which people think is the better bike? I currently ride a Trek 1.1 Compact and I'm in the market to upgrade to a second road bike. The Trek will be kept for the daily commute and Winter training with the new bike for longer distance rides 40-100+ miles and probably some sportives.

There are some really nice discounts available on the 2011 Allez Elite at the moment. I could get one for around £679 locally. My local Specialized Concept Store store is also doing 20% of all bikes over £600 until the New Year so that would get the 2012 Elite for £720 around £40 more than the 2011 model.

The main differences seem to be the 2011 has an E5 Aluminium frame and the 2012 an A1, Both are mostly Tiagra with the 2012 having a 10 speed instead.

Comparison below:



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    It's a no-brainer IMHO.

    Spend the extra £40 and get the 2012 model.
    You benefit from the superior Alu frame material, the new 10-speed Tiagra drivetrain and it also looks like you have the Tiagra brakes rather than the more basic Tektro ones.

    In addition if you decide to sell at any time in the future you will get a better price for the more up-to-date model.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I was under the impression the E5 on '11 model was superior to the A1 frame on the 2012 though? Looks like the Allez Comp 2012 still has the E5 etc. I think they have the same geometry though so probably not much difference beyond a small amount of weight?

    Not shown in the spec list but they also have different Rims
    2011 Elite: Mavic CXP22
    2012 Elite: DT Axis 1.0
  • The E5 frame on the 2011 bike is a higher end frame than the basic A1 frame on the 2012. It will likely be (marginally) stiffer as well as a bit lighter. The choice therefore is better frame vs. better groupset.

    For the record, the A1 frame is fine - mine is now 3 years old (early 2009) and I have rebuilt it fully with SRAM to create a lighter and cleaner looking bike. Its a frame that despite weighing a lot (1.5kg fame weight for the E5, ~1.7kg for the A1!!) rides well and is pretty stiff and responsive so deserves a little upgrading in the future. So maybe the beter frame would be benificial long term is you mean to keep the bike for several years (all it will take to upgrade to 10 spd is shifters, cassette and chain btw - secondhand 105 shifters are ~£80)

    If the 2012 bike's tiagra brakes come with the standard tiagra one-piece brake blocks, then the first thing you'll need to do is change them for some cartridge brake pads and holders (£15-25) as they really are poor. The Tecktro calipers are more than fine once the pads have been upgraded - and as they come with holders the pads alone are cheaper (eg. ~£12-15 for Koolstop salmon)

    Finally - and don't discount it- which frame colour do you think is better? You have to want to ride it to get the ost out of it and if you're not a fan of bright red then the 2011 frame probably won't suit you ;-)

    Hope that helps :)
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    The question is really what do you rate the most highly- a better frame or 10 gears? The guy in my lbs raves about the e5 frame and reckons it makes a big difference. I'm not sure its a difference I would notice.

    I have a 2010 elite with the A1 frame and full Tiagra. Bits are beginning to wear out and my replacement options are somewhat limited by being 9 speed. I also have the cxp 22 wheels, but they have unbranded hubs and the rear bearings and freehub are shot and I can't access them for maintenance. It iss beginning to look as if my best option is new wheels. Despite all that I really like the bike and it has served me well. I just didn't quite appreciate how much maintenance a bike needs if you build up the miles in all weathers.
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    I have to agreee with the above. The E5 frame is better (Well the alumium is supposed to be better). I doubt you would notice much between the two frames though. The CXP22 rims with unbranded hubs are junk. I have done a freehub and bearings within the first six months of their life. Better hubs are a must but not sure if the Dt wheels are better. The 10 speed option does give you better upgrade options in the future and you could mix and match parts a bit more when stuff wears out.
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    I think I would rate the frame higher over more gears after all I'm used to riding with 16 anyway. But I think its an excellent price and don't think it will be much cheaper in next years sales when the 2013 are released.

    I went and visited a few of my LBS Stores today to see what kind of deals I could get and came up with:

    2012 Allez Elite: £720 (Tiagra)
    2012 Allez Comp: £960 (105)
    2012 Cube Peleton Pro: £750 (Tiagra, also a triple which I'm not keen on)
    2012 Cube Peleton Race £925 (Mostly 105 with Ultegra rear derailer)
    2012 Cube Peleton SL £1080 (Ultegra)

    I'm still leaning toward the Elite though bang for buck and its around the price I would like to spend, and as I get closer to the 1K Mark I feel like I would be better just doubling that budget and getting a full carbon bike around 2k. Not sure how that logic works but its how I feel, heh.
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    If you like the allez elite and want full carbon then this is a cracking deal.

    http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/ebwPNLq ... 155c018341

    Essentially the same frame as the allez in carbon, with 105. Limited sizes though.