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Hi I have a full set of these ,issues 1to 27. All in excellent condition, how much should I sell for on eBay. I'm told issue 1 is quite valuable


  • £6000
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Garry H
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    Nah, they're worthless. I'll give you a tenner for the whole lot.
  • de_sisti
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    They're not antique, so just treat them like an old, read newspaper. They're probably full of articles that have been
    done to death in other magazines. Just give them away and concentrate on putting into practice any of the training
    routines in them, or buy the gear in them. Don't act like a private equity company (you obviously bought them with
    the intention of selling them for a profit)
    , just give the magazines away.*

    * Couldn't be ars^d to put a smiley in.
  • Let the auction run, it's likely to give you some satisfaction... if you feel, set a reserve price (£ 300 or so), but start at a low price
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