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London Bike Show expensive?

Nick@D[email protected] Posts: 73
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London Bike Show expensive?

Hi, I went last year & did enjoy it, however £16 entry (+£1.75 Booking) & £10 to park (6hrs) soon adds up. £27.75 is not a bargain & I don’t really like boats anyway, :roll: so the four shows for one dosen’t really wash with me. Am I the only person that thinks this way?



  • Bikes or boats? Four shows for one?

    Please post again when sober or not delirious from excessive festive eating!
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,433
    Bikes or boats? Four shows for one?

    Please post again when sober or not delirious from excessive festive eating!

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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    From the website -

    "The London Bike Show runs alongside The Outdoors Show, The Active Travel Show and the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show, and with your ticket being valid for entry to all four shows, it's a fantastic, affordable day out for the whole family."
  • Just looks like it me then that thinks it is exspensive!

    Hi Cougie, the website post; is hardly going to say anything different is it really, come on! if it did, that would be the last marketing job for that manager. :)


  • GizmodoGizmodo Posts: 1,928
    I agree, £27.75 does sound expensive for a show that is the manufacturers trying to sell you stuff.

    Here are a couple of money saving ideas to get you to the show:
      Save the parking by driving somewhere close with your bike, parking on a side street and then cycling the rest of the way. If you chose well you'll still have some wheels on your car when you get back. Become best buddies with your LBS, the manufacturers give them free show tickets to give to special clients as a freebie. I got 1 for the Birmingham show earlier this year thanks to
    Cycle Shack
  • McBain_v1McBain_v1 Posts: 5,237
    Hmmm... London Bike Show .... probably cost me about £55 for the train fair if I go economy, then there's the entry fee, the need to eat and drink... I don't think that the Bike Show is going to be worth about £100 for a day out, no matter what bikes are on display. Mind you, if there are any scantily clad women 'marketing' products then it might be worth a look ;)

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  • Hi McBain,

    i was hoping to see "Gizmodo's" Avatar there ;)

    , fair comment about the food! coz you know a sandwich will only cost you £6 :)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Nick I was just posting that excerpt from the website as nobody knew what you were talking about.
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