Mountain Bike Club or Riding group near Penarth, Cardiff!

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Hi guys, Recently moved to Penarth and Looking for a mountain bike club to join to help improve my riding. I can see that there a few road biking clubs but no mountain bike clubs are jumping out at me on google. Looking for a good level club to enter XC races with. Any ideas are very much welcomed.




  • welshkev
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    hi mate,

    it' not exactly local but they ride a lot around castle coch, cwmcarn and afan which are the most local trails to you.

    there's 2 clubs that i know people who ride with them.

    first is a club that rides out of castle bikes in caerphlly:

    the second is the club that i've ridden with the guys the most and is:

    i don't know any more local clubs to you sorry mate