ROAD cassette SWOP?

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Good Morning All,

I am new to road bikes & am currently looking to replace my rear cassette, can I use a MTB, If not for what reason?

I currently have a SRAM PG-950 12-26 ROAD
Could I use SRAM PG-950 11-34 MTB (to give me more range)

Many thanks



  • In short
    You can use cassettes with larger sprockets, but you've then got to change the rear mech to a long cage version and replace the chain with one several links longer, otherwise you'd just bind everything up when you got to those larger sprockets.
  • Nick@D
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    is it because the centre is a diffrent size?

    Thanks for that, i may then have to try to add a smaller ring on the front or change the crank, i plan to do some cycling in scotland & i dont think my legs can push some the the assents on my current set up in the lowest gear 39 x 26.
  • wakou
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    Changing the mech and replacing the chain is not a huge job though,
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    thanks for that WAKOU, i will way up the costs, probaly best to replace the crank to a triple :)
  • rolf_f
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    A triple will require a new front shifter as well as the front mech itself.

    And then, from what I understand, you don't necessarily end up with a lower gear anyway. You may find that replacing the crank to a compact and getting a 12-28 cassette will do the job. That will give you a 34-28 lowest gear and you can do that with your current shifters and front and rear mech.
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  • Nick@D
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    Thanks Rolf F,

    i am starting to build more options now.