cannondale caad10

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can i have some reviews on the caad10 frame. i understand that it is one of the lightest alu frames around and far more better than low grade carbon frames. thank you.
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    If it's anything like the CAAD9 I've got, it'll be a joy to ride. I thought that once I'd got the SuperSix that the CAAD would suffer in comparison, but I shouldn't have worried.
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    After many a review read, they would turn my head if I was weighing up a new road bike for sure!
  • Stiffer than something really stiff
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  • Get one you know it makes sense. I've never read a bad review about the CAAD10, EVER, SO why not get 2 ???
    With bike prices continueing to rise and carbon bikes getting more and more out of the reach of the first time buyer, Aluminium is beginning to make sense again.
    But with a bike that stiff, it may feel fast and accelaration might be instant, but I would just buy a carbon seatpost and some Phat bar tape to dampen out the ride and make it easier on your contact points.
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  • how much does the caad10 frame normally cost?
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  • Not sure how easy it is to just get the frame. I have the 105 version and I think it is a great bike. With upgraded wheels (comes with RS10's) it is very good indeed for the money. Ride is fine but I only use it for rides of up to a couple of hours anyway.

    My carbon bike is better but the difference isn't huge, just noticeable.