Merry Xmas Everyone

Cleat Eastwood
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Shopping done, time to chill, so i'm signing off till next year.

Like others on here it's been a year of heartbreaks and highs, new friends made and some dear dear friends lost. To those who have had their share of ups and downs - I hope 2012 brings a bit more good fortune.

So Happy Xmas Funboy Nitwits and all the best for 2012, and if venturing out - have a safe ride.

Oh and if anyone makes an attack on the 'delete this thread' who doesn't respect the eccles cake you have my permission to stick a bike pump in their spokes....yes i'm looking at you!!!

Stay safe. Stay Happy. Ciao for now.
The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns
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  • pipipi
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    Well put!

    Happy Xmas everyone.
  • upperoilcan
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    Merry Xmas to you and everyone one else,2hrs left at work then feet up,playing golf tomorrow,then family time and pub Xmas day.
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  • Merry christmas from the 'Ucknall branch as well.

    We all have our up's and down's and this year more than ever. We have our dis-agreements but aye it's a forum (it'd be bloomin borin' if we didn't) sometimes folk (myself included) may overstep the line in some peoples eyes but none on here have the power to change the world so it dosen't really matter.

    Merry christmas to one and all, be safe, ride well and enjoy. :D
    Tail end Charlie

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