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DH wheels

rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
edited December 2011 in MTB buying advice
I need a set of DH wheels for my Reign X. They need to be fairly strong as I am a bit tubby & ride fairly hard and I have a max budget of £250.
Needs to be 20mm maxle front & 12mm bolt thru rear.
So far I can't find anything to come close to Superstar for value & they get great reviews. Top choices so far are
Black Stans Flows on red Switch Evo hubs £220
Black Mavic EX721 on red Switch Evo hubs £219
Black Superstar DHX on black Switch Evo hubs £130 (amazing value & I can spend the change on new mech & shifters)
Superstar DH595 in black with red hubs & white spokes £204 (the tarty option)

Is there anything else I should look at? Which one of these would be the best choice?


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