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I am thinking of changing my Langster for another single and am looking at the Revolution Track 11 on the Edinburgh website. Has anyone had any experience of this model. Nothing wrong with the Spesh, just fancy a change. Any advice welcome.


  • Doesn't it weigh more than a tonne of snow?
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  • rolf_f
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    Doesn't it weigh more than a tonne of snow?

    It does - but on the other hand it is much lighter than a tonne of concrete.
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  • socrates
    socrates Posts: 453
  • i've got one and it's very well put together and nicely understated. sizing's a bit on the small side, try one first if possible

    had it 12 months and only used it twice, my knees just don't get on with it

    there'll be at least 15 % off them in a couple of weeks, a real bargain
  • Garry H
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    It's cheap and heavy.
  • epo-aholic
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    It's heavy.....yes and it doesn't cost too much either. A mate of mine had one for years before the BB shell broke in the frame. I ride a Langster and really like it but if your not worried about it being quite a bit heavier then go for it, it'll out last anything you've had previously!
  • down to £250 in the sale