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Here's a nice non-cycling related question that I hope someone can help me with!
Is there a way to copy my Itunes playlists (i.e. the songs in those playlists) into a non-Apple mp3 player? I've bought a Philips mp3 player for my wife as a back up to our other music devices, and while I can use either Windows Explorer to copy individual songs, or Windows Media Player to set up a whole new load of playlists, I'm hoping there is a more straightforward way to do this?


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    In iTunes on Mac OS I can "select all" the songs in a playlist, and drag them out of the iTunes window, onto the desktop or another folder. I'm pretty sure you can do the same thing on Windows? If so, can you just drag them straight onto your MP3 player's icon on the desktop?
  • Yep,

    You can inwindows too..
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    Similar sort of problem . I ve got a sony mp3 wmz (Summat or another) that I use for boring treadmill sessions in the gym. It will find a track by either Artist, Album or Playlist.

    The other day I dropped about 8 tracks for a gym "Playlist" from Amazon Mp3 downloads into Windows media player, I gave it a play list name "Gym workout".

    I ve now dragged the playlist across to sync to the device, all the tracks have gone across but I can only access them as Original Artist, Original Album or individual tracks, Not a play list which will play through continiously.

    Very annoying as the playlist is designed to be a Hour long and start with warm up tempo , building up and then cooling down.

    What is the very simple thing I m missing here to get the Mp3 player to recognise it as a continious piece of music and play it like an album or Play list, rather than catergorise and break it down into Artist or Album tracks?
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    Assuming that you are using Windows, have you tried using Windows Media Player to create the playlist and then synchronise that with your player?

    For example:
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    there are diffent playlist formats

    find out which one(s) your desired player accepts, then google for a conversion utility that will turn the apple format into what you need

    fwiw i use one called itunesexport to convery playlists on my mac into a form my android phone accepts
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  • Thanks for all these replies. Turns out that it is nice and easy, and that all I needed to do was drag the playlist songs across, much as Balthazar and Warwickshire Whizzer suggested. Problem solved!