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Haggerston / London, Avid CR nicked

armymankinarmymankin Posts: 213
edited December 2011 in MTB stolen
Parked my mtb hardtail at the corner of the street ( junction of Northchurch Terrace & De Beauvior Road)
it was locked at this post (see pic). At 5pm I got off work and ready to ride home then notice my lock was SUPER-GLUED!!!!!!! (which I have to later on get it sawed open) The glue was kinda fresh, so i would expect they were there tempering with my bike around 4-5 pm

My bike was fine. Just the my both F&R Avid CR brakes are gone!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

well, dont expect i will see them again. BUT it was a busy road and MUST be somebody saw such unjust incidence.

Be aware all, my lock protected my bike, just not my brakes.... dont leave bikes outside in that area

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