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BMC SLC01 + George Brooks SS

drkawaszelongdrkawaszelong Posts: 260
edited May 2014 in Your road bikes
Ultegra 6700 Shifters and 50/34 Chainset, 12-27 Dura-Ace 7800 cassette, Ultegra SL Brakes
Jagwire Racer brake cables, Shimano gear cables (because the Jagwire ones were useless)
Planet X Model B Wheelset
Pro-Lite Ravenna Carbon Bars and Deda Zero 100 Stem (both BR specials) Easton EC70 Seatpost, Specialized Toupe Pro Saddle.
Polar CS200CAD...Fantastic bike, a million times better than the old Planet X.

George Brooks
bought from gavbarron originally.
after, 20122011004.jpg
hand painted and lined the lugs myself, like i was going to pay £150 for someone else to, £1.60 a tub of model paint, £2 for a gold pen. 20122011005.jpg

p.s. how do i resize images?!


  • c0ugarsc0ugars Posts: 202
    It looks to me the chain is a link or two too long on the Brooks. But the BMC look lovely ive been after one of those for a while
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Nice BMC but you've converted a lovely steel frame into something that looks like it is missing it's Charge Plug stickers! :wink:
    Faster than a tent.......
  • I can move the wheel further back on the Brooks, so no worries there! and the "George Brooks" decals are coming, getting them remastered.
    The problem is, i tried to do a modern take on a classic, i don't like non-aero brake levers or cottered cranks, but neither do i like stupid neon chains and wheels. this kinda meets it halfway. i put standard non-aero wheels on, and it just looked empty as they weren't 27" wheels.

    Thanks about the BMC btw :)
  • stevevwstevevw Posts: 84
    Did you ever get the transfers re drawn?
  • drkawaszelongdrkawaszelong Posts: 260
    stevevw wrote:
    Did you ever get the transfers re drawn?

    never got around to it in the end, the graphics company shut down and never completed them :cry: .
  • stevevwstevevw Posts: 84
    Ok thanks. You interested in a set if I get some done?
  • drkawaszelongdrkawaszelong Posts: 260
    definitely. PM me some details
  • Is there any reason for mounting the rear brake calliper that way round?
  • drkawaszelongdrkawaszelong Posts: 260
    Is there any reason for mounting the rear brake calliper that way round?

    not very clear from the photos, but the rear brake cable guides run on the other side of the top tube, so did it to avoid twisting.
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