Edge 705 - City Navigator or OSM maps?

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Hi All,

Which would you say is the better of the two for mapping on the Edge 705?

City Navigator maps on an SD card or OSM Maps?

Many Thanks.


  • fossyant
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    As OSM is free try that first. If it's no good for you get City Navigator.

    I've got City Navigator, although the OSM has some gaps in my area, but you can get the OSM for MTB as well which gives trails/bridleways !
  • mrbez
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    Hi Fossy,

    I actually got the Garmin City Navigator with my Edge 705.

    I was just wondering if OSM offered better maps or is the City Nav the best option for this?

  • sungod
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    the cn europe maps came with my 705, they're excellent, when i cycle overseas i take it, even in the deep sticks of portugal it had all the roads/lanes/tracks/etc., i've only tried the postcode navigation in uk, it worked fine

    i tried osm but rapidly returned to the cn memory card

    go here https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=6299

    click on the coverage tab

    then click on the link on the map to get a demo, you can explore/zoom to see what the map is like, the only difference is that the real map maybe lets you turn on more detail than the demo one
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  • apreading
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    Those look alot better than OSM ones that I have. I got the Ordnance Survey mapping with mine but have considered buying the Navigator maps on SD card for about £30 from ebay. Might well do that now...

    Should add that the ones for £30 are UK & Ireland only.